The aim is to bring together under one roof more than 100 local and regional companies that operate within these industries in order to explore ways of working together to secure a more sustainable and brighter future for Egypt.

We know that by the year 2050, the world’s population is slotted to break the nine billion people mark; leading to an increase in our energy demands by 200% that our current consumption rate.

Shell’s very own “Dr. Andrew Hepher” speaks will be in Egypt speaking about the importance of focusing on the Energy Challenge and working together to find innovative solutions for this gargantuan challenge that lies ahead.

Additionally, Dr. Hepher will be discussing the role that technological innovations in the lubricants industry by companies like Shell can play in lessening our energy consumption and making several industries more efficient in addition to other futuristic projects that Shell is working on.

That’s not all, The ex-Googler and part of Google’s top-secret “Google [X]” division, Wael Fakharany is no stranger to innovation and thinking ahead of everyone else.

Speaking at the conference, Wael aims to explain the concept of moonshot thinking with the audience, and help them understand how Google aims to tackle big problems by thinking beyond the problems we face and imagining problems of the future.

Wael will also discuss some of Google X’s energy-related projects which aim to revolutionize the field of renewable energy; particularly wind energy by transforming wind turbines as we know them!

Stay tuned for more updates

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