Our experience delivering you real value

Delivering value and improvement to your business requires much more than just the best products alone. At Shell, we believe that implementation of lubrication best practice supported by a team of world class professional technical support staff is vital to achieving major cost savings and improvements in your business.

How Shell LubeAdvisor adds value to you and your business

The Shell LubeAdvisor service is delivered through highly trained Shell technical staff consisting of office-based technical helpdesks and field-based lubrication engineers. In addition, there are a number of helpful and convenient tools for you to use, with the complete Shell LubeAdvisor service offering you a wealth of engineering, technical and application knowledge.

Key elements

  • Trained technical support

    On-site or over the phone, Shell technical representatives are on hand to help solve your lubrication-related problems and answer your lubrication and product questions.

  • Detailed plant assessment

    Our field-based engineers are there to help you identify areas for improvement and potential cost savings by improving lubrication and maintenance practices.

  • Lubrication surveys

    With our field-based engineers on-site we can help identify your lubrication requirements, the products needed and recommended maintenance intervals.    

Shell LubeAdvisor benefits at a glance

Employing the correct lubrication is essential for your operation to run smoothly and to prevent expensive unplanned downtime due to equipment failure. Our Shell technical staff help you to:

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