Candid portrait of Eddie Wang taken near the Shell Scotford Refinery
Eddie Wang, Engineering Intern, Canada

Eddie feels his experiences at Shell helped him realise that he loves working in the energy industry and with Shell he can influence on building a better energy future.

How did you first discover the Shell Assessed Internship Programme?

I first learnt about the Assessed Internship Programme when I was working as a contractor at the Shell Scotford Refinery. The collaborative culture and safety mind-set caught my attention. I decided to pursue another internship opportunity with Shell because I believe my ideas will accelerate under Shell’s inclusive and innovative environment. I will be able to widen my expertise and gain first hand oil & gas experience working on a variety of Shell projects.

If Shell were a person, I would describe him as a bright and passionate person who helps propel your career. This is why I have decided to keep on running my journey with Shell.

What do you remember most about your first day at Shell?

Shell has impressed me in how well organised and structured the on-boarding process was on the first day. All the interns gathered together for breakfast and then we had a very comprehensive orientation. The internship advisor provided us with valuable information that helped us to transition into our roles.  Everyone involved in the on-boarding process truly eased our entry into the new organisation.

What do you love about your role?

I enjoy the feeling of being at the forefront of the energy industry. I love and thrive performing challenging tasks that a full time employee would do. Shell offers an incredibly supportive mentoring programme. They assign you a buddy and a mentor right from the start. You also have a supervisor who’s always there to support you and guide you in the direction that you need to go. I also have outstanding opportunities to develop my professional and leadership skills in my role.

If you were a Superhero and your specialty was energy what would be your special power and why?

If I were an energy superhero, my special power would be the ability to build pipelines across the country instantly. I want to build pipeline infrastructure to improve the ability to transport Canadian natural resources to world markets in the most economical, efficient and safest way possible.

Through your internship have you been inspired to continue with a career in the energy industry? What’s next for you?

Growing up in Canada’s energy capital, I was always interested in the big picture of the commodity business. My experience at Shell helped me realize that I want to work in the energy industry and that I can influence building a better energy future from inside of industry. 

I recognize the public’s concern about industry’s impact on the environment, and I see the challenges that it is facing. At the same time, I am witnessing industry’s genuine commitment to innovation, research, and development to mitigate those impacts, not to mention the benefits it is bringing to our quality of life. I want to be a part of, learn more about, and hopefully help to resolve the issues of the energy industry, and I believe Shell is the best place to do this.

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