Shell Rimula R6 LME Pail


Low emissions, maintenance saving and fuel economy2 – ideal for trucking and public transport applications.

Shell Rimula R6 LME provides:

  • Low Emissions – Low Sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (SAPS) formulation for catalyst protection. Designed to reduce diesel particulate filter (DPF) blocking.4
  • Up to 51% better engine wear protection.1 Exceeds ACEA, MAN and MB specifications for wear and cleanliness.
  • Up to 2.0% fuel economy2     
  • Longer Oil Drain Interval (ODI)3


SAE viscosity grade: 5W-30

ACEA: E6, E7; Cummins: CES 20077; Deutz: DQC IV-10 LA; MACK: EO-N; MAN: M3477, M3677; MB-Approval 228.51; Renault Trucks: RLD-2; Volvo: VDS-3; IVECO: TLS E6 (Meets requirements) - Scania Low Ash

The product specifications listed above may vary from time to time and may not all be available for sale in your specific country. To obtain a specific recommendation for your vehicle from our product portfolio, please use our free online oil recommendation tool, Shell Lubematch

1 Compared to the revised more stringent MB 228.51 limit, as measured in the MB OM 646 LA Engine Test.
Over a 100,00 km oil drain interval, compared with a typical 10W-40 oil
3 Dependant on vehicle type and application
Unique low-ash additive system designed to perform with diesel particulate filters (DPF).